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Bono and Oprah walk into a store to do some shopping...

Post by Andy Jeninga

To some, this might sound like the opening of a comedy routine. To others, it should serve as the kick off of the (Product) RED campaign in the U.S., including the launch of a new RED iPod. The campaign, which has been in progress for about 6 months in Great Britain, enlists numerous high profile companies to design a special RED product line -- a certain percentage of the profits of these products will then go towards existing Global Fund programs. According to a spokesman for the campaign, RED has already raised $12 million and looks to add millions more to the Global Fund coffers with the American launch.

MCC FY2007 Scorecards Published -- It Gets Interesting This Year

The MCC posted the rankings of the 2007 candidate countries, with a Board meeting scheduled for November 8 to select countries eligible for FY2007 funding. The Round 4 selection process is going to be very interesting, with decisions that in some cases will set precedent for future selections. Look out for our annual review of the rankings and predictions on what countries will be selected. Early notables in Round 4 include:

AIDS & Trade in Thailand

Should Thailand sign a bilateral Free Trade Agreement with the U.S.? That would be a tempting idea to any Thai who works for a firm selling to the U.S. market. And Thai consumers would value the reduction in the prices of U.S. imports to Thailand.

LA Times on the vaccine market

This morning's Los Angeles Times ran an editorial on the state of the vaccine industry in light of Pfizer's acquisition of PowderMed:

Two years ago, the closure of one British vaccine plant wreaked havoc on the world's ability to respond to the flu. The investments by Pfizer and others show how market forces, in concert with the nonprofit and public sectors, can work in the public interest

Yunus and Grameen win Nobel: The "Great Man" Theory of Development History?

The development world was electrified today by the news that Muhammad Yunus and the institution he founded, the Grameen Bank, will share the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize "for their efforts to create economic and social development from below." As an economics professor at Chittagong University in Bangladesh in 1976, Yunus led his students in an innovative experiment: making tiny, short-term loans to people in the nearby village of Jobra.

Congressional Push-back on MCA Natural Resources Indicators

Congressmen Tom Lantos and Earl Blumenauer of the House International Relations Committee sent a letter to MCC CEO Danilovich expressing their dissatisfaction (but understanding) that the MCC was unable to fully incorporate a natural resources management indicator into the FY2007 selection process. They also oppose the MCC's recommendation to place the Rights and Access to Land inidcator in the Investing in People basket.