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NIH says companies won't invest enough in vaccines

According to Associated Press:

... the federal chief of AIDS research says he believes drug companies don't have an incentive to create a vaccine for the HIV and are likely to wait to profit from it after the government develops one. And that means the government has had to spend more time focusing on the processes that drug companies ordinarily follow in developing new medicines and bringing them to market. 

Congress allocates $15 million for neglected diseases

Dr. Peter Hotez and Dr. Eric
Ottesen write in the write in the Star-Telegram on January 1 about "Beating back ancient scourges of the poor":

Congress just announced an allocation of $15 million from the Foreign
Operations fiscal 2006 appropriation to spur an initiative for
coordinated, cost-efficient programs to control and eliminate those
neglected biblical diseases designated as "targets of opportunity"

Mark Kane retires from PATH

The Seattle Post Intelligencer reports the retirement of Mark Kane from PATH, the Program for Appropriate Technology in Health.

It was late 1998 that Kane and a dozen-plus other experts in immunization were invited to Bill and Melinda Gates' home for a dinner of lamb chops and squash soup.