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Measuring Commitment to Health

CGD's Global Health Indicators Working Group has just released its final report, Measuring Commitment to Health, which examines potential measures of a government's commitment to health in order to identify and recommend a set of indicators for consideration by donors as they assess country eligibility for funding.

Changing of the Guard: Hiring the New Global Health Leadership

So how many charismatic, visionary individuals with impeccable technical credentials are there out there in the world of global health? Let's hope there are at least three, and that they are all in the market for new jobs that offer non-stop opportunities for fundraising and political brinksmanship, along with a daily dose of staff malaise.

NY Times Endorses Advance Market Commitments

In an editorial today entitled "Vaccine Futures," the New York Times encourages US support for a pilot Advance Market Commitment. The vote of confidence in the new approach to stimulate private vaccine R&D vaccine manufacture follows on the heels of the July G-8 summit, where leaders failed to reach full agreement about creating a pilot AMC for vaccines against pneumococcal disease, a major cause of child death in developing countries.