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LA Times on the vaccine market

This morning's Los Angeles Times ran an editorial on the state of the vaccine industry in light of Pfizer's acquisition of PowderMed:

Two years ago, the closure of one British vaccine plant wreaked havoc on the world's ability to respond to the flu. The investments by Pfizer and others show how market forces, in concert with the nonprofit and public sectors, can work in the public interest

New HIV/AIDS Buffer Stock Service for Africa

Here's an idea that's easy to like: Set up a warehouse in Johannesburg stocked with AIDS drugs that can be shipped on an emergency basis to virtually any country in Africa when treatment program runs out of supplies.

Building better evidence for health: GDN takes action with $5.9 million call for proposals

The Global Development Network has recently released a call for proposals to promote innovative health programs in the developing world. This $5.9 million project will generate much-needed impact evaluations and cost-effectiveness analyses of health-related programs from the developing and transition world with an aim to accumulate a body of rigorous, empirical evidence that can inform the decisions of national policymakers and international donors.

Can the Global Fund be a Financing Mechanism and Only Just That?

Everyone from the UK Parliament to the President of the World Bank to Warren Buffett knows that spending money wisely is harder than raising it. So in all the excitement about the new monies for much-needed drugs that will be raised through UNITAID, the new French-led funding source fed largely by airline taxes, who is worrying about how the resources will be spent? An obvious way to use the funds would be to ship them off to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria, but, as Amb.

All the Health that Money Can Buy?

Another day, another dollar for global health. Or another $300 million, as the case may be. With much fanfare at the Clinton Global Initiative, five countries (France, Brazil, Britain, Norway and Chile) committed to either levy taxes on airline tickets or find other sources to create UNITAID (formerly referred to as the International Drug Purchase Facility), which will be used to purchase generic AIDS drugs, as well as products to treat malaria and TB.