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Being smart with Buffett's billions

Big money is big news so it is no surprise that the recent announcement of Buffett's billions going to the Gates Foundation is making headlines. But rather than focus on the who, what, when, where, and how much, this recent Boston Globe article, Measures of Success, asks how these new philanthropic dollars will be judged once spent.

Real Partnership

The second Global Fund Partnership Forum concluded yesterday in Durban, South Africa. About 400 people representing 118 countries from around the world attended. What was most remarkable about the Forum is that the Global Fund intentionally brought together not just its most vocal supporters but also its most strident critics, and then gave them two days to discuss what was working and what needs to be fixed. It says a lot about an organization when it intentionally creates opportunities to be criticized.

Uganda investigating possible misuse of GAVI funds

Following an inquiry into the corruption and mismanagement of Global Fund grants in Uganda, the New Vision has recently reported that the Ministry of Health is now under investigation for possible misuse of sh300m (approximately US$160,000) in GAVI funding intended to increase immunization coverage.

NOTE: The article does not name its sources and we were unable to independently verify the accuracy of this account

Arata Kochi: Leading the fight against malaria

Dr. Arata Kochi, Director of the WHO Global Malaria Programme, has received a lot of press recently for his aggressive approach to curbing malaria in developing countries - particularly in light of his crackdown on suppliers of artemisinin monotherapies.

DC to Opt for Routine HIV Testing

According to Saturday’s Washington Post, the District of Columbia is launching a new routine HIV testing campaign aimed at all people ages 14 to 84.

The city-wide campaign, which appears to be unprecedented in its breadth, will target 400,000 men, women and teenagers and encourage them to learn their HIV status through an oral swab that delivers results in 20 minutes.

Bill Gates To Concentrate On The Gates Foundation

Hagiographic analysis in the Washington Post of Bill Gates's decision to retire from Microsoft and spend more time with his money:

Even as Microsoft is grappling with a changing competitive environment in which the software that Gates championed is losing ground to Internet-based services, the foundation is facing hurdles that observers say only Gates may be able to clear.