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New Global Health Workforce Alliance

The World Health Organization has just launched the new Global Health Workforce Alliance to help countries improve the way they plan for, educate and employ health workers. Specifically:

The Alliance will seek practical approaches to urgent problems such as improving working conditions for health professionals and reaching more effective agreements to manage their migration. It will also serve as an international information hub and monitoring body.

African AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria Summit Held in Abuja

Last week, Nigeria hosted the African AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria Summit in its capital city, Abuja. The summit was attended by numerous participants, including heads of state, government officials, members of the civil society, donor and UN agencies and program implementers from throughout sub-Saharan Africa. The purpose of the summit was to review the achievements made toward the landmark Abuja 2001 agreements and identify gaps and constraints to achieving those objectives and the Millennium Development Goals.

Zimbabweans Have Shortest Life Expectancy

As a part of their research initiative entitled Zimbabwe's Crisis and Future, CGD Fellows Todd Moss, Michael Clemens and Stewart Patrick have articulated and analyzed the many political, economic and social catastrophes that have characterized that country's decline since 2000. These calamities include: the severe contraction of the economy; a doubling of the percentage of the population living in poverty; organized violence perpetrated by the government; the breakdown of basic services; the erosion of the country's economic foundation and the massive emigration of professionals.