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Pediatric ARVs: Baby Steps Towards Better Child Health

Is the new "combination therapy" for countries heavily burdened by HIV/AIDS going to be the potent mix of one former US President + funding from a French-led airline levy + the high volume-low margin business model of Indian drug manufacturers?


The Office of the U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator is pleased to announce the launch of - a new online resource for the U.S. President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR). This website features comprehensive information on PEPFAR's work around the world. Two new features include a series of issue briefs and resources for World AIDS Day.

Global Public Health Feels the Heat

In June 2005, President George W. Bush announced a $1.2 billion, 5-year initiative to combat the scourge of malaria with these words:

The toll of malaria is even more tragic because the disease itself is highly treatable and preventable. Yet this is also our opportunity, because we know that large-scale action can defeat this disease in whole regions. And the world must take that action.

Beating Drug Resistance: Chloroquine Proven to Have Regained Effectiveness Against Malaria

In the midst of all the recent political developments in global health, there's an exciting surprise on the scientific front: a new study in the New England Journal of Medicine has found that chloroquine cured 99% of malaria cases in a study of 105 children in Malawi, over 12 years after it was withdrawn due to treatment failure rates of over 50% (as reported in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and elsewhere).