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NYT on OneWorld Health

Post by Andy Jeninga*

Today's New York Times featured a profile of the Institute for OneWorld Health, a San Francisco-based nonprofit pharmaceutical producer that focuses exclusively on diseases affecting the developing world.

Another step towards realizing the IFFIm

Reuters reports that the International Finance Facility for Immunization will issue bonds on the global capital markets later this year via Deutsche Bank and Goldman Sachs. (Also reprinted by the World Bank, citing additional commentary from Dow Jones.)

Costs of poor forecasting = 10 million antimalarials

Like the boy who cried wolf, the international public health community has a serious credibility problem: estimates of demand for antimalarial drugs have once again proven to be wildly optimistic, leaving the manufacturer, Sanofi-Aventis, holding 10 million tablets of artesunate that were produced but not purchased within the "sell by" date. Now, Sanofi has two bad options: throw them away or give them away - if they can find any takers.

Health Technologies Require Policy Innovations

Health technologies have value if and only if they are used -- or, as we wrote in Millions Saved after reviewing 17 large-scale successes in global health, what's needed is "innovation within an effective delivery system, at a sustainable price." That simple observation bears repeating as a caravan of new drugs, diagnostic products and vaccines for diseases that predominantly affect poor countries move through the R&D pathway, and yet face speed bumps when it's time for scaled-up manufacture and d