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South Africa announces IFFIm contribution

And it's official:

The Government of South Africa announced today that it will contribute US$20 million over 20 years to the International Finance Facility for Immunisation (IFFIm).

South Africa joins Brazil and six European nations—France, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom—in supporting this innovative financing programme, which is expected to dramatically reduce the number of children who die every year from vaccine-preventable diseases in the world’s poorest nations.

G7 Finance Ministers Repeat Endorsement of AMCs

The G7 Finance Ministers affirmed - but did not add much to - their support for an Advance Market Commitment at their meeting today. According to today's G7 communique

Having endorsed the concept of a pilot Advance Market Commitments for vaccines, we call for the additional work necessary to make its launch possible in 2006.

Is his AIDS better than her AIDS?

According to an article in BBC News, researchers from Johns Hopkins University working on the Rakai Project in Uganda have released two important findings: that there are multiple subtypes of HIV/AIDS in the community (sub-types A and D are the most common in Uganda), and that the different subtypes have different viral progressions in infected people:

Zimbabweans Have Shortest Life Expectancy

As a part of their research initiative entitled Zimbabwe's Crisis and Future, CGD Fellows Todd Moss, Michael Clemens and Stewart Patrick have articulated and analyzed the many political, economic and social catastrophes that have characterized that country's decline since 2000. These calamities include: the severe contraction of the economy; a doubling of the percentage of the population living in poverty; organized violence perpetrated by the government; the breakdown of basic services; the erosion of the country's economic foundation and the massive emigration of professionals.