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Mandatory HIV testing - Who is being coerced?

When Bill Clinton says something about anything, people listen. So the former President's recent endorsement of mandatory HIV testing and even compulsory disclosure in high prevalence countries has, without a doubt, fuelled the ongoing debate about mandatory vs. opt-out testing. A recent article in the Financial Times highlights some of the arguments and outlines Clinton's justification for his support of mandatory testing:

Is his AIDS better than her AIDS?

According to an article in BBC News, researchers from Johns Hopkins University working on the Rakai Project in Uganda have released two important findings: that there are multiple subtypes of HIV/AIDS in the community (sub-types A and D are the most common in Uganda), and that the different subtypes have different viral progressions in infected people:

Perverse Incentives for South African AIDS Patients

The Wall Street Journal (subscription required) covered the increasing - and disturbing - phenomenon of South African AIDS patients who deliberately discontinue their free antiretroviral treatment in order to qualify for government-funded disability payments, which typically depend on a dangerously low CD4 count.