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MCC Compact Funding Tops $2.5 Billion With Mali Approval

Last Friday, the MCC Board approved a $461 million compact to Mali, half of which funds an irrigation project in the Alatona region. The remaining funds go toward rehabilitating the aiport, with an asociated industrial park.
With the approval of Mali, the Board has now approved ten compacts totaling over $2.5 billion. El Salvador's estimatd $460 million compact is expected to be approved at the November 8th Board meeting.

HAART Disease

The New York Times recently ran a depressing article on a newfound link between antiretroviral therapy and leprosy in patients that had previously been asymptomatic. Since leprosy can be easily treated with antibiotics donated from Novartis, it does not pose a widespread public health threat. But for the affected individuals, it can be deadly:

Let's Talk About Faith, Development - and Evidence

Talking about religion, or faith to use a more general term, is about as popular a thing to do as overpaying your taxes, especially in the policy world. We shy away from the topic because of the personal, sometimes intense, reaction it elicits and, I suspect, because faith feels a little soft, emotional, even anti-intellectual when compared with hard political and economic realities. But since faith impacts U.S. policy, it is a conversation we ought to be having.