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Oil Nationalization? Why Chad is No Bolivia

Idriss Deby, President of ChadChad has expelled oil giants Chevron and Petronas from the country for allegedly failing to pay taxes. The press seems to be suggesting that the move is either another Bolivia-style nationalization or simply the government moving the American and Malaysian companies out of the way for another investor:

New Energies Around Health Systems - Will New Solutions Follow?

When health and development experts study the causes of poor health in poor countries, weak health systems are often the scapegoat. With so many fingers pointed at the many inefficient, corrupt, and poorly-resourced systems, you would think that coherent, large-scale efforts would seek to address this constraint on better health. This has not been true -- until now.

Knowledge Ecology International Receives 'Genius' Grant

The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation gives unrestricted individual "genius" grants to activists, academics, musicians, authors and others. (Michael Kremer, a non-resident fellow of CGD and the thinker behind the Making Markets for Vaccines, is a previous recipient.)