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HIV/AIDS in Liberia: Development’s Destruction with Reconstruction?

Sobering news from a recent Save the Children report indicates that aid workers and UN peacekeeping troops continue to trade food for sex with young Liberian girls:

Despite commitments made in 2002 by non-governmental organizations, the United Nations and peacekeepers to improve the worldwide monitoring of recruitment and staff conduct, vulnerable children are still exchanging sex for basic necessities such as money to attend school or food to feed their families.

African AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria Summit Held in Abuja

Last week, Nigeria hosted the African AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria Summit in its capital city, Abuja. The summit was attended by numerous participants, including heads of state, government officials, members of the civil society, donor and UN agencies and program implementers from throughout sub-Saharan Africa. The purpose of the summit was to review the achievements made toward the landmark Abuja 2001 agreements and identify gaps and constraints to achieving those objectives and the Millennium Development Goals.

World Bank Suspends HIV/AIDS Grant in Ukraine

According to a May 3 article in the Kyiv Post, last month the World Bank suspended a $60 million project to combat Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS among high risk groups in Ukraine. The suspension came as a result of the lack of progress in implementing the program. Despite signing the five-year agreement in December 2002, the Government had managed to disburse a mere 2% of the funding to date.

What is black and white and RED all over?

The Independent, one of the UK’s prominent daily newspapers, declared on Friday that they are joining the RED campaign. On May 16, 2006, the Independent will publish a special edition - with Bono as a guest editor - and donate half of their revenues to the Global Fund.

Good for the Global Fund, Sad for Nigeria

During the recent meeting, the Board of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria voted to follow the recommendation of the Global Fund Secretariat and reject the Phase 2 renewal of two HIV/AIDS grants in Nigeria.