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Foreign Aid Reform: The Latest Skinny from the Inside

In his April 26 testimony to House appropriators, new Director of Foreign Assistance Randall Tobias left no doubt about his determination to ensure that the fragmented U.S. foreign assistance regime be overhauled to reflect strategic guidance from the Secretary of State -- and to ensure that U.S. aid advances the administration’s broad foreign policy and national security goals, rather than being driven by the desires of individual agencies or country missions.

World Bank Suspends HIV/AIDS Grant in Ukraine

According to a May 3 article in the Kyiv Post, last month the World Bank suspended a $60 million project to combat Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS among high risk groups in Ukraine. The suspension came as a result of the lack of progress in implementing the program. Despite signing the five-year agreement in December 2002, the Government had managed to disburse a mere 2% of the funding to date.