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The MCA Incentive Effect -- Good, Mostly

Lots of press lately about the MCA's "incentive effect" -- a term that, according to the MCC, has been coined to describe improvements in policy performance in countries that are either seeking to become eligible for MCC assistance, or have already been selected as eligible and are continuing the reform process. Worth checking out some of the examples listed on the MCC's fact sheet; see if you agree.

What's Wrong With the Commitment to Development Award List?

A quick scan of the "People's Choice" nominees for the Commitment to Development Award gives the impression that the individuals from developed countries who have done the most to make rich-world policies more "development-friendly" are from a pretty narrow slice of the population. Mostly U.S., all male, many "inside-the-beltway" -- an environment not known for its friendliness to anything, much less poor people in poor countries. So what's going on?

Progress on human rights in Turkmenistan? Give me a break

On April 14 the Washington Post carried an editorial criticizing European policy makers for their efforts to give Turkmenistan Most Favored Nation trade status. As the Post points out, the European Commission’s argument that “Most Favored Nation” status is justified by “positive steps” on human rights is simply not tenable. Turkmen president Niyazov’s cult-of-personality rule and systematic economic mismanagement is robbing the country of its future.