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At CGD Event, MCC's Danilovich Holds up Benin Compact as Model

Last Thursday, CGD was pleased to host MCC CEO John Danilovich and Benin Minister of Finance Cosme Sehlin at a public event on the just-signed $307 million Benin compact, bringing the total number of compacts to eight. Watch excerpts from the event here.
Danilovich is a breath of fresh air for the agency, using his opening remarks and an extended Q&A period to send some much-needed strategic messages. Of note to me:

Too bad for Harvard!

Too bad for Harvard! Too bad for the elite university system in this country -- which appears to be the last bastion of insider resistance to reform. We at CGD note with regret the resignation of Lawrence Summers, a CGD Board member, from the presidency of Harvard University. I and several colleagues here worked closely with Larry at the World Bank and/or at the U.S. Treasury, where he brought inspiration, a commitment to policy dialogue, and eagerness to listen and build on varying views.

Two cheers for Transformational Diplomacy -- and State-Building

In testimony yesterday before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice gave a spirited and largely persuasive defense of the Administration’s FY06 Foreign Affairs budget of $35.1 billion. At a time of budgetary austerity (aside from DoD’s obscene and apparently untouchable half a trillion dollar budget) we owe kudos to Secretary Rice for securing OMB agreement on a 4% increase in spending on the State Department and foreign aid programs such as USAID.