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Markus Haacker

Non-Resident Fellow



Macroeconomics, global health, public finance, policy modelling, HIV, chronic diseases


Markus Haacker is a Fellow at the Centre for Global Health Economics, University College London, and a Visiting Scientist at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. He has been an Economist at the IMF, and a consultant to the World Bank and UNAIDS, developing economic tools for health policy analysis.

Haacker’s research interests have long concerned the intersections of health and the economy. At the IMF, he initiated and edited The Macroeconomics of HIV/AIDS (2004), with contributions from numerous international organizations (and the CGD), the first book published by the IMF on a health issue. His work on the economics of HIV/AIDS is summarized in The Economics of the Global Response to HIV (OUP, 2016).

His current research interests regard methods for economic evaluations on chronic diseases, the economics of cascades of care, applying tools and perspectives from macroeconomics and public finance in health economic evaluations, and economic analyses of policies on Hepatitis, diabetes, hypertension, and related chronic diseases and risk factors.

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