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Foreign aid, accountability in developing countries, political behavior


Laura Paler is an Assistant Professor in the political science department at the University of Pittsburgh and a former postdoctoral research fellow at the Center for Global. Her research focuses on how different sources of government revenue (such as natural resource rents, foreign aid, and taxation) affect accountability in developing countries. She also studies how information and transparency affect voters as well as the causes of conflict and post-conflict reintegration. Her current projects include experiments in Indonesia on how taxes, revenue windfalls, and information affect political behavior; a survey of demobilized combatants in Colombia on the determinants of recidivism; and a field experiment on post-conflict reintegration and environmental protection in Aceh, Indonesia (with the World Bank and Flora and Fauna International). Paler received her Ph.D. in political science from Columbia University in 2012. She also holds an M.Phil. in Comparative Government from Oxford University and a B.A. in International Affairs from The George Washington University. Paler previously worked at the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs in Washington, D.C. and Asia.

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