7:00—8:30 AM

How Can Civil Society Measure Value for Money and Prove Its Worth?

CGD's Director of Global Health Policy Amanda Glassman is chairing a satellite session organized by the International HIV/AIDS Alliance and The World Bank at the XIX Intentional AIDS Conference entitled

How Can Civil Society Measure Value for Money and Prove Its Worth?

Thursday, July 26
Mini Room 10, Walter E. Washington Convention Center

It is increasingly important to demonstrate aid effectiveness and value for money, but many NGOs do not know what it is, or how to do it. Community mobilization (or community systems strengthening) remains at the forefront of the HIV and AIDS strategies of critical actors like UNAIDS, PEPFAR, and the Global Fund, as well as national-level programs. Despite this, costing community mobilization and its various inputs has often been neglected. However, the UNAIDS Investment Framework for HIV has highlighted community mobilization as a “critical enabler” and several new costing studies have now emerged which can help to better measure the value for money of the community response to HIV. This session will feature representatives from the World Bank, a donor, the International HIV/AIDS Alliance and two Alliance partners who have used the results of costing studies to reflect on the effectiveness of their programming and to engage with donors.


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