9:00—12:00 PM
Institute for International Economics

Foreign Assistance for Foreign Policy: An Overarching Strategy

The past two years have seen the creation of two major foreign assistance programs, the Millennium Challenge Account (MCA) and the Emergency Plan for HIV/AIDS, as well as a proliferation of small Presidential aid initiatives. But does the U.S. have an overarching strategy that guides these initiatives or defines the relationship between them? What does the creation of the MCA mean for U.S. foreign assistance? What is the appropriate role for aid in promoting national security interests? Does the U.S. have the foreign assistance tools and resources it needs to meet its foreign policy goals? How can other foreign policy areas be better coordinated with foreign assistance to support global economic development objectives?

Opening address from Senator Charles Hagel (R-NE)

Patrick Cronin
Senior Vice President and Director of Studies, Center for Strategic and International Studies; Former Assistant Administrator for Policy and Program Coordination, U.S. Agency for International Development

Howard Jeter

Executive Vice President, GoodWorks International; Former U.S. Ambassador to Nigeria

Ronald MacLean-Abaroa

Program Leader in the Governance Group, World Bank Institute; Bolivian Presidential Candidate (2002); Member of Cabinet (1978-2000); Former Mayor, La Paz, Bolivia

Steven Radelet

Senior Fellow, Center for Global Development; Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury for Africa, the Middle East, and Asia

Carol Lancaster (moderator)
Visiting Fellow, Center for Global Development; Associate Professor and former Director of the Master of Science in Foreign Service Program, Georgetown University

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