12:30—2:00 PM
Institute for Government
2 Carton Gardens

CGD Europe: Should Direct Cash Transfers to the Poor Be a Benchmark for Traditional Aid?

Michael Faye and Paul Niehaus
Co-founders of GiveDirectly
Hosted by
Owen Barder
Senior Fellow and Director for Europe, Center for Global Development
Should direct cash transfers to the poor be a benchmar for traditional aid? Cash transfer programs have shown mostly consistent success at improving conditions that matter for development; smoothing consumption, increasing school attendance and health care, sometimes improving nutritional status and helping with the accumulation of productive assets, among others. Moreover, our ability to deliver cash securely to the extreme poor is improving rapidly with the spead of modern payments infrastructure. Michael Faye and Paul Niehaus will discuss their work as co-founders of GiveDirectly and the role of cash transfers in development more broadly.
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