10:00—10:00 AM
First Presbyterian Church
540 William Hilton Parkway

Africa on the Rise: How the Forgotten Continent Is More Important Than Ever to the United States

***This is not a CGD event and will take place in Hilton Head, South Carolina***

The World Affairs Council of Hilton Head presents

Africa On the Rise: How the Forgotten Continent Is More Important Than Ever to the United States


Todd Moss
Vice President for Programs and Senior Fellow
Center for Global Development

In the mind of many Americans, Africa invokes images or famine or Blackhawk Down. But the continent is increasingly democratic and is now the home to six of the ten fastest growing economies in the world. Investors from London, New York, Shanghai, and Dubai are looking afresh at opportunities in Africa, especially to meet rapidly expanding consumer demand. At the same time, U.S. national security—including concerns about the spread of Al Qaeda, international criminal networks, and cross-border disease—is also pushing Africa higher up the U.S. foreign policy agenda. In short, Africa is more important to the United States than ever before. President Clinton launched a major trade initiative with Africa, while President Bush made major new commitments to working with African partners to promote security and health. Yet, the Obama Administration seems to have lost momentum. The president’s June trip to Senegal, South Africa and Tanzania along with a recently announced energy initiative might be enough to turn things around. Moss, a former senior State Department official, will discuss the challenges of a rising Africa facing American foreign policy.

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