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Jeremy Konyndyk and Heba Aly on an orange background

US Election Special: Rethinking Humanitarianism Episode 3

In this episode, Rethinking Humanitarianism co-host Heba Aly speaks with Sarah Margon, director of US Foreign Policy at Open Society Foundations, about the results of the US election. How will the Biden administration re-engage in the world’s humanitarian and multilateral systems? What can we expect to see? And how might that foreign policy be different—not only from President Trump’s, but from President Obama’s? 

Jeremy Konyndyk and Heba Aly on an orange background

Introducing Rethinking Humanitarianism

Recording from Geneva and Washington, Rethinking Humanitarianism is a new podcast series from The New Humanitarian and the Center for Global Development. Join hosts Heba Aly and Jeremy Konyndyk as they explore the future of humanitarian aid at a critical time of transformation.

Angela Bruce-Raeburn and Stephanie Kimou

Consent in Development: Stephanie Kimou and Angela Bruce-Raeburn on the CGD Podcast

Stephanie Kimou of PopWorks Africa and Angela Bruce-Raeburn of Global Health Advocacy Incubator join me on the podcast to discuss the impact of the colonization of Africa on development culture, the economic and social impacts of aid workers flooding a struggling country, and a future where development is led by the so-called "beneficiaries" themselves, not by well-meaning foreigners.