Women’s Economic Empowerment Is a Smart Investment – Podcast with Mayra Buvinic

November 16, 2016

Three years ago, the United Nations Foundation released the Roadmap for Promoting Women’s Economic Empowerment, which took an evidence-based approach to answering two main questions about gender and economic opportunity: What works? And for whom? 

Now, CGD and the United Nations Foundation’s Data 2X program have updated the Roadmap in a new report that also looks at how to design smarter policies and programs with maximum impact for women. 

CGD senior fellow Mayra Buvinic, an author on both Roadmaps, joins this week’s podcast to discuss what’s changed in the evidence base on women’s economic empowerment, and how the findings could appeal to the incoming Trump administration. 

Listen to the podcast above, and be sure to check out CGD's memo to the next US president on women's economic empowerment. Mayra introduces some of the ideas in that memo in the clip below. 


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