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The MCC will soon select countries that are eligible for FY2013 funding. This is the tenth time the MCC has used its indicators-based selection system, but only the second time it has required countries to pass the control of corruption indicator and either the political rights or the civil liberties indicator. A new MCA Monitor Analysis identifies which countries pass both of these hard hurdles and is a preview to a forthcoming MCA Monitor paper that predicts which countries the MCC board is most likely to select as eligible for FY2013 funding when they meet on December 19th.

Highlights from this year’s hard hurdles include:

*   Of the 56 low income countries, only 20 countries pass both the corruption and democracy hard hurdles.

*   Of the 33 lower middle income countries, 15 pass both hard hurdles.

*   No current MCC compact countries or threshold countries fail the democracy hard hurdle.

*   Four current MCC compact countries--Indonesia, Moldova, Mongolia and the Philippines--fail the control of corruption indicator. Indonesia is the only compact country that fails the lower middle income control of corruption indicator and cannot still be compared to the lower income group against which Moldova, Mongolia and the Philippines all pass.

More details on who passes the hard hurdles and who doesn't can be found here.

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