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If you’re in Washington today, you know it’s cloudy outside. But did you know there was an MCC board meeting, too? Probably not if, like me, you look to the Federal Register to confirm if and when the board plans to meet and what’s on the agenda.

The MCC board of directors—still missing one civil society board member—did meet today to consider approving Georgia’s second compact and hear updates on the five compacts set to finish in September: Lesotho, Mongolia, Morocco, Mozambique and Tanzania.  

MCC prides itself on being open and transparent, especially with its board of directors, and I praise them for it often (they’re leading the way on the US Foreign Assistance Dashboard and with their own open data catalog). But unless I’m missing something, this board meeting was not in the Federal Register, the MCC hasn’t sent out the usual invite to a post-board outreach meeting and the most recent board meeting summaries on the MCC website are from June of last year (there have been four meetings since then). I’m hoping the lack of public information this time around is an oversight and that the MCC starts letting the sunlight back in soon. It is summer, after all.

Update (6/19/13, 4:38 PM): MCC press release on board meeting is now up. Georgia compact approved.

Update (6/26/13): The MCC will hold its post-board outreach meeting June 27 and tells me future board meeting notices, agendas and minutes will be posted on the MCC website. 

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