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  • Q:what is this ranking? 1.Zimbabwe 2.Japan 3.Lebanon 4.Jamaica 5.Italy 6.Sudan 7.Singapore 8.Greece A:debt/GDP #
  • "The assumption that conduct is prompt and rational is in all cases a fiction. But it proves to be sufficiently near to reality... #
  • ...if things have time to hammer logic into men."--J.A. Schumpeter, The Theory of Economic Development #
  • RT @owenbarder: Is aid undermined by extravagant claims of its supporters? My openDemocracy article #
  • Critique of @NickKristof article & playing into donor/P2P illusions RT @saundra_s: More bad donor advice #
  • RT @savetogether: Nice brief on savings & #microfinance by Ignacio Mas of @gatesfoundation #
  • Report from @Oxfam: The Missing Middle in Agricultural Finance #microfinance #

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