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This is a joint post with Jenny Ottenhoff.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our recent twitter chat on how the Global Fund and its partners can get more health for their money.  The chat picked up on themes from our draft report “More Health for the Money”, which is available for public comment until July 12

We received some great questions about the utility of performance based financing, and importance of aligning incentives of different actors around health goals, and the generalizability of our recommendations for other global health funding agencies. 

A few highlights on the report’s main messages:

On aligning incentives for better performance and measurement :

And -- while not a question -- an honorable mention for one of our favorite tweets of the day:

Finally, thanks to our colleague Justin Sandefur for bringing up a topic we’ll discuss more soon -- the perceived tensions between value for money and country ownership:

This topic required more than 140 characters to unpack, so we plan to tackle it in another forum in the coming weeks.   In the meantime, we hope you’ll check out our draft report and continue to send us your questions and feedback as we continue the conversation on this important topic. Stay tuned!

See a the full twitter chat here.


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