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Washington – The Bush administration today abruptly suspended financial assistance to Ghana through its new Millennium Challenge Account (MCC), indefinitely postponing the schedule for signing a new compact in July. News of the suspension came the day after Ghana’s 2-1 victory in the World Cup. MCC CEO John Danilovich said the suspension was not because of any failure on Ghana’s part in the traditional MCC focus areas of ruling justly, investing in people, and economic freedom. He said "It’s a new area of concern. They have failed to pass the median in 'Playing Fairly.' We at the MCC focus on results, and the results of yesterday's game did not meet our expectations."

KIDDING! This fake news, written by CGD Senior Fellow Steve Radelet, caused some chuckles when he sent it around CGD yesterday and we thought that you (and our friends at the MCC and in Ghana) might enjoy it, too!

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