Top 20 Posts on Views from the Center Blog in 2011

December 21, 2011

It seems like everyone is making lists this time of year, and we at CGD are no exception. Here’s a look at the 20 most popular posts to our Views from the Center blog in 2011.

Thank you for your continued readership and we look forward to bringing you even more information and expert analysis in 2012.

  • Haiti Earthquake Aid Facts, David Roodman
  • Kenyan Economist Offers First Independent Evaluation of Millennium Villages Project, Michael Clemens
  • Ten Zero-Cost Ideas for Development Progress in 2011, Nancy Birdsall
  • The Millennium Villages Evaluation Debate Heats Up, Boils Over, Michael Clemens
  • Development Policy of the Future… And Why We Aren’t Ready, Todd Moss
  • Held Hostage: Funding for a Proven Success in Global Development on Hold in Kenya, Justin Sandefur
  • Don’t Do Impact Evaluations Because…, William Savedoff
  • Zedillo Warns of a “Frightening Failure” of Global Institutions, Lawrence MacDonald
  • Nicholas Kristof and Aid, Arvind Subramanian
  • Here’s My Crazy Idea (and Video) for Fixing U.S. Development Policy, Todd Moss
  • What Happens When Donors Fail to Meet Their Commitments?, Owen Barder
  • Obama Set to Lob Canadian Carbon Bomb at India, Lawrence MacDonald
  • The World Bank as a Foundation? Why I’m Scratching My Head Over the World Bank’s New Vision, Todd Moss
  • What Can Development Agencies Learn from Venture Capital Firms?, William Savedoff
  • The New Education Strategy at the World Bank: Time for a Millennium Learning Goal?, Nancy Birdsall
  • Development’s Next Top “Model”: China? India? Rwanda? Ghana?, Nancy Birdsall
  • Youth in the Middle East: Nowhere to Go but the Street, Charles Kenny
  • Aid Alert: China Officially Joins the Donor Club, Nancy Birdsall
  • India’s Summer of Scams Reaches a Climax, Milan Vaishnav
  • Still Time to Prevent Another Food Price Crisis—and the One after That?, Kim Elliott
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