Top 10 Posts of 2013 on the Global Health Policy Blog

December 12, 2013

Value for money was at the top of our agenda this year, so I was pleased to see the topic also top the list of CGD’s most popular Global Health Policy blogs in 2013.  The rest of this year’s list is a mixed bag, reflecting a number of debates that will likely stick around in 2014 (data for development, universal health coverage, and the state of global health financing, to name a few). 

Check out the full list below, and leave a comment to tell us what you’d like to see more (or less) of in 2014.  As always, thanks for your continued readership and we look forward to bringing you more lively, evidence-based discussions in the year ahead!

  1. More Health for the Money: Comments Welcome by Amanda Glassman

  2. In Memory of Elif Yavuz by Victoria Fan

  3. Who Runs the (Global Health) World? by Victoria Fan and Rachel Silverman

  4. DOD and Global Health: Time for a Dose Development Realism by Kate Almquist Knopf

  5. Institute of Medicine Pushes PEPFAR on Data Collection, Disclosure by Mead Over

  6. Financing Global Health: The Story is Stagnation by Amanda Glassman

  7. You Say You Want a (Data) Revolution Amanda Glassman and Alex Ezeh

  8. Meet the Global Health Family - A Cheat Sheet by Victoria Fan and Rachel Silverman

  9. What will Universal Health Coverage Actual Cover? by Amanda Glassman

  10. China-Africa Health Cooperation: A New Era? by Victoria Fan


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