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In all the excitement last week around the impending announcement of the MCC CEO nominee, I forgot to post this blog giving a round of applause to the organization on its transparency A-game.   Readers may recall the challenge we posed to the MCC back in May when, after commending them on publishing their project ERR data, urged them to "hit a home run" by also publishing their beneficiary analyses.   Well, they did it, once again opening themselves up for kudos and criticism.  But, most importantly, taking the risk we need all of our aid agencies to take -- sharing its successes and its failures in order to share overall lessons on what works.

While I'm at it, may I also just say "wow!" (I know hard for some of you to believe I can be that succint) on the public summary of the last Board of Director's meeting.  The amount of detail on the discussion items is unprecedented -- check it out in comparison to that of the World Bank.  Let's hope the summary of the next Board meeting -- FY10 country selection -- matches this last one in terms of detail.


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