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Post by Andy Jeninga

The next week will be a fascinating time for those concerned with fighting AIDS around the world. The XVI International AIDS Conference commences in Toronto on August 13th and will run until August 18th. Over 24,000 participants will gather to discuss an array of topics surrounding the pandemic, such as relief policy and scientific research to name a few (see Nandini's Q&A for more information). Those of you that are not able to make it to Toronto, but are interested in keeping abreast of its happenings, can stay up to date by reading the blog posting on the CGD website from our four staff members who will be attending the conference. Also, the Kaiser Network will webcast numerous events throughout the week and provide transcripts and slide presentations for most of the lectures and seminars on their healthcast website. For a brief and intriguing history of the International AIDS Conference, today’s New York Times contains a reflection by Lawrence Altman on the fourteen conferences he has attended.

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