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For the past decade or more, Nancy Birdsall, Michael Clemens, Amanda Glassman, Nora Lustig, Guillermo Perry, and I (among other CGD colleagues) have been researching the development challenges facing Latin America and crafting policy proposals for policymakers in the region and beyond.

We have now organized that work into the Latin America Initiative, and we invite you to subscribe to our quarterly Latin America Update, available in English and Spanish. Here’s an example. To sign up, please click the button below and fill out the form.

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The update will keep you informed of all CGD’s work on the region. Since CGD’s early days, we’ve been proposing solutions to key development issues in Latin America, from reforms of multilateral and regional organizations to policy change in rich and powerful countries to reforms on the regional and subregional level. Our report A New Era at the Inter-American Development Bank, produced jointly with the Latin America Shadow Financial Regulatory Committee (CLAAF) is an example of the first; CGD’s initiative Migration as a Tool for Disaster Recovery, led by senior fellow Michael Clemens is an example of the second; two books, Fair Growth, by CGD president Nancy Birdsall and co-authors, and my edited volume Growing Pains in Latin America, are examples of the third.

But these are just examples. Our research on Latin America is complemented by contributions from non-resident senior fellows Nora Lustig, professor at Tulane University, and Guillermo Perry, former chief economist for Latin America at the World Bank. We often benefit also from partnerships with researchers from the region, such as former CGD visiting fellow Alejandro Foxley, head of CIEPLAN and former minister of finance in Chile.

The Latin America Update will bring you all of our researchers’ Latin America relevant working papers, essays, and policy papers. You will also find data sets used in our research, media interviews, blog posts, and links to our task forces, working groups, and high-level events. 

I hope you’ll be as impressed by the depth and scope of CGD’s work on Latin America as I am. I’m proud to lead the initiative and to invite you to follow its work. As always, I welcome your comments.


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