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Here are some moments from this morning's launch of Making Markets for Vaccines that touched me personally.

  • Scott Whitaker from Bio speaking for us all, when he said that, in the face of the challenge of global diseases, we should square our shoulders and not simply shrug them.
  • Nancy Birdsall speaking of putting the light back in the eyes of mothers losing their children to disease - an image so moving it reduced me to tears.
  • Rudi Daems - senior executive from Chiron - saying that this was the first report that really understands the perspective of industry.
  • Melinda Moree reminding us of the thousands of children who die each day of malaria, and highlighting the potential importance of engaging industry in finding a solution quickly.
  • The pride in the eyes and nervous smiles of those in the room who have worked so hard to produce this report - from young graduate students to retired senior industry executives - all daring to hope.
  • Ruth Levine's combination of passion, expertise and clarity - and her confidence in the face of a seriously high-powered audience.
  • The paternal pride of John Hurvitz, the group's self-effacing legal adviser, as he explained the contracts he has drafted - whose elegant simplicity belies a wealth of detailed analysis and creative thinking - to underpin the commitment.
  • The wide recognition for Michael Kremer - the brilliant economist who has worked tirelessly for many years to build support for this idea; and his ability to communicate complicated ideas convincingly.
  • The consensus of so many experienced people from such diverse backgrounds - from Rick Klausner from Gates to Mark Feinberg from Merck - that this is a workable idea.
  • The willingness of busy leaders in their field - such as Alice Albright and Orin Levine - to give up their valuable time to lend their support, and their ability to convey the breath-taking importance of the work they do.
  • Lawrence MacDonald - CGD's Communications Director - coordinating the work of his omni-competent team, while showing why he should be in TV as he interviewed the panel.

It is humbling to work such a talented and committed team, and profoundly rewarding. I am so very fortunate to work every day on the world's most pressing issues.

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