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The MCC posted the rankings of the 2007 candidate countries, with a Board meeting scheduled for November 8 to select countries eligible for FY2007 funding. The Round 4 selection process is going to be very interesting, with decisions that in some cases will set precedent for future selections. Look out for our annual review of the rankings and predictions on what countries will be selected. Early notables in Round 4 include:
1. 4 of 9 compact countries fail this year -- Ghana, Benin, Madagascar and Cape Verde.
2. Morocco -- a soon to be signed compact -- graduates to lower middle income status and fails.
3. The Gambia -- suspended last year for policy slippages -- passes this year. Will the suspension be removed?
4. Georgia passes, finally!
5. Bolivia passes -- will politics enter into the selection process?
6. LMIC pressure to sign -- with El Salvador consuming the entire FY2006 LMIC budget and Namibia's proposal in, LMIC funding is going fast.
7. The natural resources management indicators are listed on the scorecard. What would the impact have been of applying them in the FY2007 eligibility process?
We will tackle these issues and more in our Round 4 analysis. Let us know what issues you find notable so we can consider them as we prepare our paper.


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