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The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) hosted its quarterly post-board outreach meeting today.  MCC CEO Daniel Yohannes said no major decisions took place at the March meeting.  Instead, the board focused on MCC’s core business principles, including results and lessons learned. They also discussed compacts that are almost complete in Vanuatu, Georgia, Nicaragua, Benin, and Armenia.

The MCC highlighted its Focus on Results at the board and outreach meetings, highlighting the MCC’s country selection process, investment choices, implementation models, and evaluation practices.  Undergirding this process is a commitment to policy reform in the partner country and transparency to both the beneficiary and the U.S. taxpayer.

The MCC also used the outreach meeting to explain its new Annual Partnership Solicitation, a program designed to engage the private sector and NGOs in innovative new partnerships.  The call for proposals is currently open for compacts in development and compacts currently underway in Lesotho, Tanzania, and Ghana.

There was no update on the compact in Malawi that has yet to be signed or any hints on the future of the newly revamped threshold program.


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