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Just a quick post to say that earlier this month the MCC approved a 5 year, $65.69M Compact with Vanuatu. The Compact of this South Pacific Island nation is expected to focus on improving infrastructure projects such as roads, wharfs, an airstripand warehouses.
According to the MCC Factsheet put out on January 3, the program will consist of:

1) Civil works for the reconstruction of priority transport infrastructure on eight islands, covering roads, wharfs, an airstrip, and warehouses; and
2) Institutional strengthening efforts and policy reform initiatives in Vanuatu's Public Works Department, including: provision of plant and equipment for maintenance; introduction of service performance contracts; establishment of local community maintenance schemes; and introduction of user fees. These efforts aim to ensure the sustainable operation and maintenance of Vanuatu's entire transport infrastructure network, not only those assets built or rehabilitated with MCC funds.

The MCC is expected to sign the Compact with Vanuatu sometime next month.


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