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Congratulations to our colleague Liliana Rojas-Suarez, named by the Peruvian Chamber of Commerce as economist of the year.  Past winners include Hernando de Soto and Julio Velarde of Peru.  The annual award recognizes Liliana’s many contributions on financial sector challenges and related development issues in emerging market economies – including this one and her role as Chair of the independent Latin American Committee on Financial Issues (CLAAF, in its Spanish acronym).

“I receive this award with honor and pride. It is a wonderful incentive to continue working, cooperating, advising and writing about Latin American economies most of which have chosen a market-based model of growth. In Peru, in particular, this model implies a great responsibility for the private sector, which needs to closely collaborate with the government in addressing the constraints and bottlenecks for sustained and inclusive growth in the country”, stated Rojas-Suarez. At the forum where the award was announced, Liliana delivered a speech on “The International Economic and Financial System: Which Way Forward?’ To watch interviews (she’s good!) with Rojas-Suarez go here and here, and to see her recent CNN interview on the Greek debt crisis go here.  To read more interviews and quotes by Rojas-Suarez check out her interview in América Economía, The Wall Street Journal, and Gestión.


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