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Sarah Jane Staats and Liliana Rojas-SuarezLeaders of the world’s largest and richest countries met over the weekend in Ontario, Canada. What did they accomplish? This week on the Wonkcast, I’m joined by two guests: CGD senior fellow Liliana Rojas-Suarez and director of policy outreach Sarah Jane Staats. We examine the statements released by the two groups—looking specifically at what they have to say about several key policy areas for global development.

Listen to the Wonkcast to hear our conversation. Among other topics, we discuss:

  • What President Obama’s G-8 announcement on his administration’s development strategy means for the U.S. aid reform agenda.
  • The significance of the G-20’s release of a set of principles for financial inclusion.
  • How the headline issues of financial stability and regulation might affect emerging countries.
  • What was said (and wasn’t said) in Toronto on expanding trade, especially for the world’s least developed countries.
  • What role an announced G-20 Working Group on development might play in the run-up to the next G-20 summit this fall in Seoul, South Korea.

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My thanks to Wren Elhai for his very able production assistance on the Wonkcast recording and for a draft version of this blog post.


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