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The House Financial Services Monetary Policy and Trade Subcommittee is holding a hearing this Friday, October 9 on “The Future of the Multilateral Development Banks.” It’s an impressive witness line-up, including CGD Senior Fellow Scott Morris, Dean Karlan, Martin Ravallion, and Patrick Chovanec.

With the emergence of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and the potential for deep cuts to US funding for the MDBs in FY16, it’s a relief that the subcommittee is initiating what I hope will be a renewed conversation on the role the United States should play in these institutions—at a time when they’re more needed than ever.

Here are a few things I hope to hear discussed Friday:

1.       Why the MDBs are important to US economic and foreign policy interests, even in a time of limited budgets

2.       How and  why the United States should continue to play a leadership role at the MDBs

3.       If there are reforms the United States should push for either at the MDBs themselves, or to its own processes, with respect to the MDBs

For a preview of some of Scott’s likely answers to these questions, check out his piece for CGD’s White House and the World briefing book, Realizing the Power of Multilateralism in US Development Diplomacy. And if you’re interested in the future of the MDBs more broadly, stay tuned for the recommendations of CGD’s High Level Panel on Multilateral Development Banking


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