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Way back in March 2012, I blogged here about the horrible news that Mali’s government had been overthrown in a coup d’état. The putsch resonated personally with me since Mali had been part of my watch while serving at the State Department and the country had seemed at the time to be a tremendous success story. (I was wrong). I had also been the US envoy sent to Mauritania in August 2008 to try to talk down General Aziz after he deposed a democratically-elected president. (I failed).

But the coup in Bamako also struck an eerie personal chord because it came only a few weeks after I had finally completed my first novel, a thriller about… a coup in Mali and secret diplomatic efforts to reverse it. I suspect the fiction-becomes-reality tale helped to eventually sell the book to Penguin’s Putnam Books. So, nearly five years after sitting down to write my novel about intrigue in the Sahara Desert and USG interagency infighting, The Golden Hour will be published on Sept 4th.  To help celebrate, CGD readers are all invited to:

Hope to see you all there!


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