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From yesterday's Washington Post column, Help With the Nitty-Gritty:

Faryar Shirzad left the White House last week for Goldman Sachs, where he's the new vice president and director of international policy. Shirzad was deputy assistant to President Bush and deputy national security adviser for international economic affairs...

Also, this week, the administration announced that the Under Secretary of Agriculture for Farm and Foreign Agricultural Services, J.B. Penn, would be leaving effective the end of this month. Penn has been one of the key USDA officials involved in the agricultural negotiations at the World Trade Organization. While it is certainly not unusual for long-serving officials and advisers to resign in a president's second term, the departure in the same week of two top officials on international trade issues does not bode well for the Doha Round. It is surely not unreasonable to assume that these key individuals are leaving at least in part because they do not expect the trade talks to resume any time soon.

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