David Wheeler's Paper on Country Stakes in Climate Change Wins a Prize

February 22, 2011

Our motto at CGD is “Independent research & practical ideas for global prosperity.” Translating ideas to action requires world-class policy research, effective outreach, and teamwork with colleagues in many global institutions, When everything goes right, my colleagues at CGD produce some real gems that command global recognition.This just happened to CGD senior fellow David Wheeler, whose work with colleagues at the World Bank and United Nations Development Program has received the first annual prize for excellence awarded by the journal Climate Policy.The work began while David led a climate policy research team at the World Bank.  It culminated in the prize-winning Climate Policy paper, “Country stakes in climate change negotiations: two dimensions of vulnerability.”  In announcing the award, the panel of judges cited the paper’s innovative focus on developing countries; construction of a comprehensive geo-referenced database of indicators; thorough analysis; and timeliness as an input for international negotiations on carbon emissions mitigation and adaptation assistance.  At CGD, David has extended this work with path-breaking new policy research on quantifying vulnerability to climate change, the economics of adaptation to extreme weather, the impact of sea-level rise, and promoting solar energy development.Another distinguishing feature of my colleagues at CGD is their passionate support for ground-level development projects in poor countries.  In this vein, I’m happy to report that David and his co-authors are donating their prize money (1,000 euros) to Solar Aid, an NGO that promotes rural solar power development in East and Southern Africa.


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