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‘Alarming’ shortfall in foreign aid for world's biggest crises (Guardian)

July 16, 2019

From the article:

The head of one of the world’s leading aid agencies has issued a stark warning over the “alarming lack of funding” for global humanitarian crises.

Jan Egeland, secretary general of the Norwegian Refugee Council, noted that halfway through the current funding year, humanitarian organisations had received less than a third of money – 27% – needed to provide relief to people affected by crises worldwide.

As well as the drops in aid funding related to the refugee crisis, aid contributions have been hit by the retreat from the Trump administration from funding some operations, and also from a growing sense of donor fatigue in some areas, including the UK.

Figures released in December in a report by the Center for Global Development showed that the UK government had dropped from third place to 15th in a ranking of the 27 biggest funders, in data for all official development assistance spent by all government departments, not just the Department for International Development.

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