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Aid links: political change and adjustment, more (The Interpreter)

August 29, 2018

By Jonathan Pryke 

  • Following Julie Bishop’s resignation as Australian foreign minister after five years in the job, Stephen Howes reflects on her aid and development legacy, which is only saved by the growth of the Seasonal Workers Program.
  • Ashlee Betteridge and Lisa Cornish separately look at what the change in political leadership means for aid.
  • After the international aid community has been rocked with a series of sexual exploitation scandals, an interim report shows that the Australian aid program has strong safeguard and protection measures.
  • British PM Theresa May has used a speech in Cape Town as an opportunity to realign the UK’s significant spending on aid. The aim is to focus more on supporting UK businesses investing in Africa, and curbing illegal migration and organised crime.
  • The Centre for Global Development provide 12 facts on global poverty to build consensus around.
  • There are growing fears in Washington that the Trump administration will try to claw back billions in aid funding already appropriated by Congress.
  • In a new CGD working paper Martin Ravallion revisits his 2012 question of the efficacy of Randomised Control Trials in development.
  • Our World in Data summarises a recent survey of nearly 27,000 people across 28 countries to understand perspectives on how the world is changing.

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